Failure in join.aspx.cs

Mar 29, 2010 at 8:55 PM
Hey folks, I am working through your code as I learn more about Azure. Thanks for posting this! Specific problem: everything is working fine under the development storage. So I flipped the settings to run under the cloud storage. Tables/blobs/queues get created properly so I believe those settings are all working fine. Oddly enough though the following code is failing and returning null. As far as I can debug the query against Table storage is failing somewhere. Specific code is: UserManager uManag = new UserManager(); User u = uManag.GetItemByEmail(txtEmail.Text); if (u != null) { divErrors.InnerHtml = Properties.Resources.ErrEmailAddrExists; return; } Any thoughts on this? I will try to dig in and find a better stack.